Gavin Wood


Game shows, reality shows, documentaries, television and radio commercials, video games and character voices.

on air

Gavin’s media credits form a long list.

It's a list that covers every television network and numerous AM and FM radio stations around Australia. The ABC, 7 Network, 9 Network, 10 Network, 10 radio stations across Australia, plus number one breakfast shows on Melbourne's 3XY and EON FM.

about gavin

Gavin Wood Announcing


Gavin is a unique performer, one of the nice guys of Australian media.

He is and one of those rare presenters who can be relied upon to do it right the first time. He’s built a career on live to air performance for radio and television broadcasts. Gavin is also one of the few versatile media performers who can provide presence, expertise and confidence backstage from the booth as well as on stage to an audience. Gavin is Founder and President of Countdown Motion Pictures.